About Us

Hun Holding’s principal fields of activity are power generation from renewable sources, construction, real estate investments, dormitory and accommodation services, agriculture and fisheries. Orhun Kartal, our founder, enriched his professional knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years in accordance with the evolving conditions and brought them together within Hun Holding, and carried his group to a major position in the sectors where it is active.

Hun Holding’s portfolio of solar power plants has reached a total installed capacity of 110 megawatts. The 10-megawatt biomass power plant project, on the other hand, is the current investment that Hun Holding is making excitedly. The 7-megawatt solar power plant project in Ukraine was commissioned in the last quarter of 2019. Hun Holding has enlarged its energy portfolio with the hydroelectric plants where it has a partnership, which have a total capacity of 36.9 megawatts.

In addition to its strong presence in the field of renewable energy, Hun Holding has its signature on proud achievements in the field of contracting and real estate development with its companies, especially the Koray Company Group. Besides the sectors where it is strong, it took a step into new sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, education and dormitory management, and it continues growing in the fields that may contribute to its portfolio.

While continuing its activities with the goals of regular and sustainable sales revenue and profitability in its renewable energy investments, Hun Holding aims to grow domestically and overseas with new business opportunities thanks to its business approach based on new technologies and innovation.

Hun Holding realizes all its projects in an environment-friendly way and with an awareness to create a more habitable world.