Investments in Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hun Holding has enriched its energy portfolio with its hydroelectric plants amounting to a capacity of 36.9 megawatts, where it has a partnership. The first project realized by the company in the field of hydroelectric power is the Kaletepe Plant in Tortum, Erzurum. After this plant, which was commissioned in 2009, the projects Büyükbahçe and Bağbaşı, respectively, were completed and commissioned in 2014. In addition to the HPP projects that were commissioned, project development activities and technical feasibility studies were performed on lands in various regions of Turkey which are possible investment sites.

Thanks to the hydroelectric power plants in our portfolio, around 68,200 tons of carbon dioxide emission is prevented per year. Our portfolio of hydroelectric energy makes a major contribution to the environment, saving 166,000 trees every year. The electricity generated by our HPP projects has a capacity that can satisfy around 38,300 households’ annual electricity need.

Kaletepe Hydroelectric Power Plant

Kaletepe HPP is located in Tortum, Erzurum and it started electricity generation with its installed capacity of 10.8 MW in July 2009. The project contains 5 regulators, 3 pressurized water pipes, a forebay pool, a plant building, an 800-meter penstock pipe and an 11-km water transmission line. The pressurized water transmission line constructed was, as of the date of its construction, the longest one in Turkey.

Büyükbahçe and Bağbaşı Hydroelectric Power Plants

Büyükbahçe and Bağbaşı HPPs are consecutive projects in Tortum, Erzurum and have an installed capacity of 12.1 MW and 14 MW respectively. These projects were realized simultaneously and the HPPs have, in total, two regulators, 4 km pressurized water transmission lines, 17 km water transmission lines, 2 forebay pools, 2 plant buildings and 2 km water transmission tunnels. Despite challenging climatic and working conditions, the project was successfully completed in 2014.