Operation and Maintenance Renewable Energy O&M


Established in 2016, Sunsis offers engineering, maintenance, repair, monitoring and analysis services for the solar power plants located in Turkey and abroad.

Just as the 19th century being referred to as the coal age or the 20th century as the petroleum age, Sunsis believes that the 21st century will be referred to as the solar age. Established with this belief, Sunsis manages the production process based on the feedbacks it receives from the equipment at the solar power plants. It instantly identifies all the unfavourable circumstances which may affect the performance of the plant. It responds to the problems identified and performs periodical maintenance, and thus enables the plant to generate power with its highest performance.

Thanks to its experienced technical personnel specialized in their fields as well as the monitoring and analysis program it has developed, Sunsis provides investors – no manner where they are located – with the ability to access to immediate data of the plant, review the return on production, and assess the plant performance. It also ensures a decrease in maintenance costs and an increase in the performance ratio and thus brings the opportunity to shorten the time for the return on investment.

Services provided by Sunsis:

Monitoring & Analysis

By means of the SCADA system, data collected from the plants are instantly monitored, production-consumption values are reviewed, and performance and efficiency analyses are reported to the investor. Through the analyses, troubleshooting is achieved latest within 24 hours.

Maintenance & Repair

The potential problems are identified in advance by means of weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenances and periodical site visits. Failures identified latest within 24 hours are responded within 48 hours.

Operation Management

Solutions are offered on insurance process follow-up, warranty process management, spare part support through pool stock control, production-consumption invoice controls with LUY controls, occupational health and safety controls and reporting.

Authorized Technical Service

This service covers response to and repair of malfunctions within the scope of warranty for AE Refusol, Refusol, Refu, Advanced Energy branded inverters.

Performance Review

Upon the thermal mapping of the site by means of a thermal-camera drone, I-V analyses, PV module descent test, analysis of loss due to impurities, shading analyses are made.


The plant area is monitored by means of closed-circuit camera system and, in case of exposure to adverse attempts, this is reported to the site supervisor and the security forces.