Other Sectors

Real Estate Investments

Hun Holding makes valuable investments in offices, commercial space, educational facilities and lands at city centers in various regions of Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

Levent Office Space - Hun Holding has an office space of 4,000 square meters in Levent, Istanbul.

Kavacık Office Building – An office building in Kavacık, which has a total available space of 2,530 square meters, has been added to the portfolio.

Kemerburgaz School Building – We have a school building in Kemerburgaz, which has a total available space of 6,591 square meters.

Göktürk Nursery School Building – Another real estate investment is the nursery school building in Göktürk, which has a total available space of around 1,000 square meters.

Çekmeköy Nursery School Building – The nursery school building in Çekmeköy, which has a total available space of 470 square meters, is another real estate investment.

The company has a portfolio of plots and lands in various regions of Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

Dormitory Management – Astra Yapı

Astra Akademik Yerleşkeler Yatırım Şirketi was established under the brand name Üniyurt by the founding partners Kaya Barutçuoğlu and Ahmet Faralyali to serve associate, bachelor’s, master’s degree and PhD students starting from 2010. ASTRA Yapı ve İşletmeciliği San. ve Tic. A.Ş is one of the leading investors which construct and operate “Academic Campuses” in Turkey. The brand Üniyurt, established and operated in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, is intended to become a meeting, socializing and sharing point for our students who aim for peace, trust, quality and success.

Our dormitory, with its young and dynamic staff, considers the youth as a sacred entrustment of their families. It is determined to help them become individuals who, besides their educational success, can express themselves in the social field, are at peace with themselves and those around them, can approach things with a positive mindset, and are beneficial to their homeland and nation. In this sense, we clearly aim to contribute to their personal development with our social and cultural events in addition to our high-quality service.

Moreover, it is our greatest ideal to prepare the youth for the future through our career services, and internship and job opportunities at our companies. We are ready to share the best years of your life and we are waiting for you at the right address.

Üniyurt currently serves 6,000 students at four locations, i.e. Afyon, Sakarya, İzmir and Zonguldak.

Agriculture: Agrolive Farm

Agrolive, whose main field of activity is agriculture, produces olives, grapes, apricots, almonds and walnuts of various types on its agricultural land. Agrolive performs beneficial agriculture with olive, grape and apricot harvests on a land of 120 hectares.

Aquaculture: Lucky Fish

Lucky Fish (Ugurlu Balik) is a company with fisherman heritage, set sail to its Aquaculture production of Mediterranean species journey at Muğla Kazıklı bay located near Didim Turkey. Lucky fish was first established by Kopuzmar family in 1986. In years, Lucky Fish added juveniles production, fish feed production, additional caging capacities and processing plant to its activities with a vision to become a vertically integrated supply partner by offering stable pricing policy & product traceability advantages.

Today, Lucky Fish is a group of companies with the head office in Izmir city, facilities in Aydin and Mugla cities, fish cages at 2 different locations of Aegean Sea and processing plant and fish feed production in Aydin city, Turkey with total capacity of 78 million juveniles, 7200 tonnes of fish farming and 25.000 tonnes of feed mill and plans to keep investing in further growth.