Solar Energy Investments

Hun Holding has gained a major position across Turkey in solar energy investments, thanks to its domestic solar power plants amounting in total to an installed capacity of 110.5 MW.

The company’s solar energy investment portfolio makes a major contribution to environmental protection by preventing around 179,500 tons of carbon dioxide emission per year. The electricity generated by Hun Holding’s solar power plant portfolio has a capacity that can meet 100,000 households’ annual electricity need. Our solar energy portfolio’s contribution to the environment saves 436,600 trees per year.

Solar energy is today an important alternative to fossil fuels since it is an environment-friendly, long-lasting and affordable source. Having commissioned its 1MWe AC solar energy investment in the Attalos site in Manisa in 2014, Hun Holding has increased its unlicensed solar energy portfolio to 97.4 MWe AC / 110.5 MWp DC. Our Holding owns solar energy plants in 10 cities, 5 regions and 22 sites. Besides, its project in Ukraine which features a solar energy plant with an installed capacity of 6 MWe AC / 7 MWp DC, has been commissioned in the last quarter of 2019.